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How to download videos from

I was just searching on the internet for some sites like YouTube and I found this one. It has an innovative design and a wide range of videos/episodes.

Usually I like to download videos from those sites and watch them later on my PC, and I try to avoid the available tools for download these videos.

After some research on the site I found a really simple method to download the videos.

Here how it’s done:


Imagine you want to download this video( The first thing you should take note is the video ID, in this case it is 6579050.


Take this as your base URL: and add the video ID. So the url is


Search for “media:content” and you’ll find mp4 and m4v files. Those are the URL’s. Now copy and paste that link and try to open. It’ll download a 37.5kb file saying that you need blip player to watch the video.

How to bypass that? It’s sooo simple. Just add “?showplayer=123(or any number)” and voila.. You can now download the video!



Download URL:

In the next few days I’ll post a downloader for this website, and possibly other(youtube, metacafe, vimeo, etc). The program will be open-source!


EDIT: Here you have it 🙂 Thanks to for building the regex expressions! You can download the binary file here: